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Weather Telematics Announces Partnership with InstallerNet

June 8, 2011 (Detroit, MI) - Weather Telematics ( will have its first public showing of its mobile weather data collection network at the Detroit Telematics show, located at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI on June 8th and 9th in the InstallerNet booth #44A.

The World’s First Mobile Weather Data Collection Network -- collecting 46 billion meteorologically approved data points, integrates patented mobile sensing systems installed on vehicles and other mobile platforms that collectively result in creating the world’s largest surface weather observation and surveillance network. Its sensing systems and network deliver mobile intelligence in the form of information, insight, and discovery into...

Weather Forecast & Prediction

Weather Telematics sensing systems are designed to meet strict meteorological standards of the National Weather Service (NWS). With its partner Global Science & Technology they established the first Mobile Mesoscale Meteorological Network (Mesonet) for NWS that is used for weather forecasting and prediction. Its weather sensor system collects both environmental conditions (ambient temperature, road surface temperature, barometric pressure, dew point, and precipitation) and vehicle data (windshield wipers, lights, etc.). The Weather Telematics Mobile Mesonet fills in the observation gaps left by fixed weather stations to provide finer spatial and temporal resolution for more accurate and timely weather alerts and forecasts.

Transportation & Travel

An efficient transportation system is critical for the movement of people and goods. Weather disrupts the efficient flow in unpredictable and often in tragic ways. Its transportation sensing system is installed on different type of vehicles from passenger buses, transit buses, school buses, and delivery vehicles to provide a wide range of geographic coverage. Made of up thousands traveling vehicles, its extensive observation and surveillance network collects existing conditions to provide detailed real-time road weather information for companies, government agencies, and the traveling public.

InstallerNet Partnership

“It’s crucial that each device be sited and mounted properly and consistently”, said Bob Moran, CEO and Founder of Weather Telematics. “InstallerNet’s proven platform with a network of professionals allows us a national reach with the highest quality, knowledge and consistency with each installation. “Installations are underway with one of the largest transportation fleets in the country”, continued Moran, “as vehicle experts InstallerNet has become a strategic partner in providing domain expertise, product testing, and relationship introductions”.

About Weather Telematics

Its core competency is transforming data collected from sensors aboard buses and vehicles into meaningful and relevant information for its customers - something they call MOBILE INTELLIGENCE. By integrating sensing systems and installing them on appropriate mobile platforms they create a whole new type of observation and surveillance network capable of addressing some of society’s most difficult challenges.

About InstallerNet

A services solutions provider delivering content, technology, services, to the OEMs, resellers and consumers of fleet, diagnostics, Telematics and wireless products. The company specializes in coordinating and merchandising installation services for the fleet management, auto leasing and insurance markets through the largest network of independently-owned network of trained and certified installers, more than 3,500 strong nationwide and in Canada. The InstallerNet platform provides instant access to installation support, scheduled and tracked through customer service representatives at InstallerNet’s call center. With proprietary web and call-center technologies and a three-year, nationwide warranty for commercial services, InstallerNet delivers the complete professional installation package for optimum product performance and positive customer experiences.

For more information, please contact:

Bob Moran

CEO, Weather Telematics

Stephanie Youker

Director of Marketing, InstallerNet